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Film Director Taishi Muramoto Profile

After graduating from Nihon University College of Art (CINEMA), Muramoto joined TFC where he managed exhibitions, events and video works.In 1989, his debut work, “Cabin Sprit,” was displayed in JT’s pavilion for the Sea and Island Exhibitions.
From 1990, he moved to the commercial planning and directing department.
After he became a freelance in 1996, he expanded his work to movies, TV dramas, music videos and Web short films in addition to commercials.

 During his time at TFC, he became an assistant director of Shinji Sōmai, a film director, and he received great guidance from Sōmai over public and private.
Having met the actor Jun Murakami in a commercial for JACCS card, he participated as a screenwriter and director in the 25th anniversary movie of the actor agency Decade at “Amy Said”, which was released in theaters in 2017.
In recent years, he has been putting effort into acting workshops for young actors.
He loves Jeans from young and start a denim bland 'Down North Jeans(made in japan)' since 2007.
<history of awarded prize>
1992 Fujisankei Comunication Advertising Festival  Grand Plix 
2001 17th London international film festival PublicService <Gold> 
2001 44th NewYork Festival Television&Cinema <finalist> 
2002 42th ACC CM Festival <ACC > 
2002 17th London international film festival <finalist> 
2003 18th London internatinal film festival TV/Cinema <finalist> 
2003 43th ACC CM FESTIVAL TV-CM <finalist> 
2002 45th NewYork Festival Television&Cinema <finalist> 
2000 Pusan International Film Festival PPP Ilshin Award 'MASK DE 41' 
2005 45th ACC CM Festival TV-CM <finalist> 
2005 48th NewYork Film Festival TV Cinema&Radio Adovertising <Blonze> 
2004 15th ADFEST Television Art Direction<Gold> 
2005 15th ADFEST Television Corpoate Image<Silver> 
1997 'Kawaii-hito' cast/Masanobu Ando, Megumi Okina 
2004 'Mask De 41 ' cast/Tomorwo Taguchi,Suzuki Matsuo, Yu Aoi 
2017 'Amy Said' cast/Masaki Miura,Shima Onishi,Jun Murakami 
wowwow dramaW 'Keeping Closed Door' cast/Meisa Kuroki 
<documentary film> 
NHK 'When we were children' cast/Suzuki Matuo 
movie 'Amy Said'
'Downnorth Jeans'
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